Resetting Workabout Pro4

To perform a variety of Workabout Pro4 resets, you can use the keyboard shortcuts described below.

Performing a Warm Reset

During a warm reset, running programs are halted. The contents of the file system, Application directory (Flash Disk), and the registry are preserved. Keep in mind, however, that RAM content is not preserved.
• Press and hold down the [FN/BLUE] key and the [Power] button simultaneously for a minimum of
four seconds.
The splash screen appears, and the unit resets.

Performing a Cold Reset

A cold reset reinitializes all hardware. All RAM including the RAM disk is erased. Non-volatile storage such as the Application directory (Flash disk) is preserved, as is the file system.
To execute a cold reset:
• Press and hold down the [FN/ORANGE] key, the [FN/BLUE] key, and the [Power] button, simultaneously for a minimum of four seconds.

Performing a Clean Start

A clean start returns the Workabout Pro4 to factory settings, flushes the registry keys and deletes volatile storage.
• Press and hold down the [FN/BLUE] key, the [Power] button and the [Front SCAN] key simultaneously for a minimum of six seconds.
The Workabout Pro4 displays the Boot to BooSt menu.
• On an alpha and QWERTY keyboard, type .clean
• On a numeric keyboard, type .25326 followed by Enter. Note that the characters are not displayed.

IMPORTANT Turning off the hand-held does not result in a complete shutdown; rather, the unit enters a power-saving, “suspend” state. When the Workabout Pro4 is turned on from suspend state, operation resumes within a few seconds.
To shut down the unit, press and hold down the [Power] button until the Power Option screen is displayed where you can choose the Power off option.
NOTE You do not need to reset your unit after configuring the radio.
IMPORTANT It is important to note that for Fusion, configuration is stored in the Application folder – it does not default to the WiFi configuration. The Application folder is not affected by a clean boot.

Boot to BooSt

If you choose Boot to BooSt, the BooSt menu is loaded.
1. Press and hold down the [FN/BLUE] key, [Power] button and [Front SCAN] key for a minimum of
four seconds.
2. Press [1] to launch the OS.