SMTP Mail Feed

Our SMTP Mail Feed allows you to operate your own servers but without the security risks of exposing it via public MX records, instead we provide your public facing mail servers (MXs) and scan the mail for virus and spam content.

Protect your business by scanning all inbound email for spam and viruses before it reaches you.

The service includes multiple MXs for added protection with mail held on our servers for up to 7 days should your server go offline.

A group of our servers receive your mail, scan for viruses, de-spam, then forward the emails to your own on-site mail system. If your mail system is unavailable, mail is queued and delivered when the on-site connectivity is restored.

Data flow diagram
SMTP mail feed data flow diagram

This service is compatible with SMTP mail servers including Exchange 2003/2007/2010/2013 (SBS).

  • Monthly or Annual Billing
  • Single or multiple domains supported
  • Integrated Antivirus, Antispam
  • Exchange compatible
  • Integrated Backup MX
  • Email and Telephone Support
  • Features

Integrated Backup MX

The integrated Backup MX service will store inbound email for up to 7 days should your mail server go offline, ensuring your important email is not lost.

Antivirus, Antispam

Email is scanned for virus, malware and spam content before arriving at your site to assist in protecting you against threats and the inconvenience of junk mail.

Exchange Compatible

Our SMTP Mail Feed services are compatible with Microsoft Exchange 2007, 2010 and 2013 including those bundled with SBS, along with all SMTP compliant mail servers.

Multiple Data Centres

The mail feed service is delivered via two separate data centres to provide the highest levels of availability.

UK based Support

Direct access to our engineering team, for friendly and dependable support.