OpenReach ONT LEDs Status

If you have our Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) connection, you will have an Openreach ONT (Optical Network Terminator), also known as an Openreach modem.

Power lightLOS lightPON lightLAN lightWhat this means
GreenOffGreenFlashing greenNormal operation. Your ONT is working, your router is connected, and you are online.
GreenOffFlashing greenOffYour ONT is connecting.
GreenOffGreenOffYour ONT is working, but is not connected to a router.
GreenOffOffGreenYour router is connected to the ONT.
GreenOffOffFlashing greenYour router is connected to the ONT and traffic is flowing between the two.
GreenOffOffOffEither your router isn’t connected to the ONT or there’s a fault with the FTTP service.
GreenRedOffOffThere is a fault with the FTTP service.
OffOffOffOffThere is no power to the ONT