ESXi root user locked out

Occasionally, the root account on ESXi can get locked out due to too many failed attempts at a login.

To reset the lockout follow the steps below;

At the console (either physically or via remote access software such as iLO on HPE machines press <F2> and log in as root, with the machine’s password.

Select “Troubleshooting Options”

Select “Disable ESXi Shell” and check its status chnages to ‘Enabled’

Prest ALT-<F1> to enter the ESXi shell, and enter username ‘root’ and password.

At the shell prompt, type;

pam_tally2 –u root –r

ALT-<F2> should now take you back to the normal ESXi interface.

Don’t forget to now disable the ESXi shell.

The account lockout should now have been reset.