APC UPS management card 2 Cable

Technical Note: First Published 03 May 2017

The following cable is used to connect to the APC AP9630 UPS management card 2.

A 3 pin, 2.5 mm ‘stereo’ plug (as used on headphones and other audio equipment) connector is used on the panel of the management card, to allow an RS232 serial connection for management and configuration. This is usually only necessary during first configuration or password recovery, as once up and running all access can be made via a web browser.

Cable Wiring

2.5mm stereo plug

Pin Number



Pin Number

9 way D socket

2.5mm 'stereo' plug
2.5mm ‘stereo’ plug


Receive Data

 →  2

Viewed looking in to the mating face.


Transmit Data








  1. Ensure that the AP9630 is powered up and fully started (this can take over a minute from power on).

  2. Connect to a host by using the above cable and a free serial port set at 9600 baud, 8 bits and no parity. Flow control is not used.

  3. Press and release the Reset button on the PDU.

  4. Wait for the orange LED to start flashing.

  5. Press the reset button again whilst it is still flashing.

  6. Press ‘return’ to get the username prompt.

  7. The serial console will now be active for 30 seconds – log in using the username/pass word of ‘apc’ and ‘apc’ (without the quotes)… It stays active once logged in.

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